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Hi. I'm Jared (he/him).

I am a trauma-sensitive, therapeutic massage therapist specializing in helping my clients feel a sense of peace, empowerment, and clarity with whatever physical discomforts they may be experiencing. Areas I focus on range from muscular-skeletal pain, body image, to dissociation from life's purpose, which I address through various healing modalities such as massage therapy, yoga therapy, energy healing, and individualized wellness coaching. 

My philosophy for healing is: Pain eases with non-judgmental understanding and clear direct action.  Direct the course of your life towards resiliency and restoration by gently listening to your inner guide.

I currently practice in the state of Vermont (on unceded Abenaki land).  I acknowledge my privilege and positionality as a cis-gendered, white male in a society that benefits people like me.  I aim to uplift and support all persons in their healing journey but especially those of BIPOC, queer, and other under-represented peoples.


I believe that wellness is priceless and that social justice is vital for our community’s collective wellness. In the spirit of equity, my services function on a sliding scale. I encourage all persons to invest in their wellbeing and if my current rates are inaccessible, please message me directly to find an exchange that feels balanced and in reciprocity. 

"Jared was amazing! It was one of the best massages I've EVER had (and I've had a lot). He was very respectful and listened to my needs. I will be returning often!"

Will R., June 2023

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To read a full listing of testimonials or to leave a review, please visit my reviews page (MassageBook & Google)

Training & Experience


I've been practicing Massage Therapy and Structural Bodywork full time since 2010. Myofascial Release and Positional Release Therapy are a few of my core modalities. My intention is to be a supportive presence and guide clients towards greater ease in mind-body-spirit. Specific areas of specialty are: TMJD/jaw, neck, chest, low back, hip pain, SI joint fascial pain (Sciatic-like pain)

My initial massage therapy training began in 2008 at Lincoln Technical Institute, in Lincoln, RI (720 hours). Many, many continuing education trainings since then.

Notably:, , &


Click here for the current yoga class I teach. I have practiced and studied yoga since 2010. In July 2015, I completed a 220hr yoga teacher training at The Asheville Yoga Center. In Oct. 2018, I completed a 600hr yoga therapy training with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.


I've been teaching public group practice since January 2016, in the styles of: Gentle Yoga with Self-Massage, Aerial Yin Yoga, and Yoga for Rock Climbers.

Check out:,, &



In May 2016, I completed an Eating Psychology Coaching program with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. IPE was founded by Marc David. The coursework is focused on guiding clients how to listen to and understand their own body's inner wisdom. It’s a lot like learning ones unique body language of urges, cravings, hopes, and fears.

Check out:

Energy Healing & Druidry:

I began studying Niasziih Healing with Wilderness Fusion in 2012 and completed the first 4-year segment in July 2016. Niasziih Healing is a nature based energetic healing modality with roots with the Lipan Apache via Grandfather Stalking Wolf.


I’ve begun studying Druidry in 2020 with the Green Mountain Druid School in Worcester, VT. Projected graduation is 2024. Studies include: self-introspection, nature observations, elemental interconnectedness, community dynamics, inner-child awakening, geomancy, and spiritual Journeying. Check out: &


Earth-Based Healing:

In May 2015, I trained as a Protector in Grandfather Stalking Wolf's lineage of Vision Quests. The current keeper of this vision quest teaching is: Malcom Ringwalt of Earth-Heart (

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