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'Somato' = body   &    'mancy' = divination

Everything that has happened in life is recorded in your physical-energy body as a story, written in tension. Tension is neither good nor bad, it's just connection. With sight, touch, and presence, I'm able to read your body's story and convey healing messages to you. Bodies are wise and have lessons to share. Would you like to hear what your body has to say?


With honed energetic sensitivity, I'm able to read messages held within the body. These messages often speak of the person's past, how the body has been used physically and regarded emotionally. Traumas, struggles, joys, stagnant beliefs, etc are held within the body's tissues. Do you wonder why aches and pains follow familiar patterns? Your body knows. When the message your body wants to tell is spoken, the tension pattern is able to be updated for present-moment needs.

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